UPDATED: April 3, 2009

Ohio Forgotten is a site I started back in the spring of my 8th grade year. The site was first made using Microsoft Word, which didn’t make the site look to good. Then in late 2008 I changed the look of the site by using custom HTML and all the pages had the same look and style. Then in September 2008 I changed the look to this WordPress theme from Revolution2 that you see now.

I first got the idea to start a site about Ohio’s abandoned and haunted places by searching for a picture of a real ghost. I clicked on the only one that looked real and it just happened to be a page about moonville ghost. I read the page and thought “COOL!” this place is in Ohio. At the bottom of the page there was a link to Forgotten Ohio. There I found a long list of abandoned and haunted places in my home state… Ohio! I then found a section about Chippewa Lake Park and that gave me the idea to try to find more abandoned places around me because CLP is only about 20mins from my house.

The site just started on my computer and I showed it to friends and family. Until now, I had just found a free hobby. Now I’m paying four dollars a month for webhosting. My site is taking off pretty well. I have already gotten a few e-mails and I hope they keep coming!

Due to growing up near Akron my parents always took me hiking in the valley. This was the first haunted place I visited. At the time I didn’t know that it was haunted. Indigo Lake was the first location that I went after. The Cuyahoga Valley is noteable because it eventually led to me finding many abandoned buildings and Helltown. After adding some of thoes haunted valley places I had some cool places on the site. I certainly wasn’t the first to cover that stuff, I got location information from a website called Haunted Cuyahoga. The owner of that site is a very nice guy and after taking the site down he actually listened to the viewers comments, unlike Abandoned Ohio!

So far this site is really progressing. I try to post about two updates a month, but it gets slow in the winter because it gets really cold in Ohio! After visiting almost all the places on Haunted Cuyahoga I have almost run out of places to visit, so please CONTACT ME with a place in NE Ohio that’s within 40mins from Akron.

This site is new and I have never recieved a nasty e-mail as of this time. If you’re thinking of sending me an nasty email, just remember, you’ll be the 1st person out of the few e-mails that people send me.

Question and Answers

Is this trespassing?

Someplaces it is, but most of the places on my site are on public property or in parks. But if I must tresspass, then I tread lightly and leave no signs of my visit behind other than the pictures. These places have been left to rot away, so a quick walk though seems harmless. Also, nothing is ever taked from these places.

How did you get started?

Like I said above, my family and I always went on hikes in the cuyahoga valley and that’s why there are a lot of haunted and abandoned places for there. Also when I was little I always like to read about ghost and ghost stories. Most of them were not from around Ohio. When I got older I found Forgotten Ohio and found ghost stories for around where I lived and many other places in Ohio. There were also many abandoned places on the site and I though it would be cool to go and explore many of the places on the site. That’s where the abandoned buildings, hauntings and cuyahoga valley theme came from.

Do you make any money from the site?

I lose about $4 a month on webhosting. In the near future I might add a PayPal donate button.

Can I use some of your pictures?

Sure, but don’t make them look like pictures that you took. Email me to let me know and give credit please. Also please do NOT “hotlink” to my pictures! Save them to your computer and upload them to your site!

What is your favorite place?

Chippewa Lake Park is and has been my FAVORITE PLACE! It’s sad to see it being tore down and turned into Chippewa Landing.

What camera do you use?

All the pictures on this site were taken with two Kodak C533 cameras. The first one was a few years old and had some wear on it and then on day it droped. The funny thing is that after it droped it turned on but then I turned it off and the lens didn’t shut and it wouldn’t turn on. So, I went on to ebay and bought a new one. The starting price was $0.99 and I ended up paying $40. So I’m proud to say that ALL of MY Pictures were taken with thoses two cameras.

How do you find these places?

I find them by keeping my eyes open, from getting tips from the nice people who visit my site. I also, sing places that other sites have gone too. Drop me a line if you know of something cool that I should go to check out.