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Jaite Paper Mill

Used with permission, from tmrc54 on flickr.

The Jaite Paper Mill opened in 1909. It employed hundreds of workers, up to 250 at one point. The workers lived in the houses in the Town of Jaite. It also produced a lot of paper, up to 8 tons per day. In 1984, the mill closed simply due to competition.

The Fourdrinier Line

Built in 1927, partially from components used in the mill’s original 1905 cylinder machine, the fourdrinier line is over 200 feet in length. The fourdrinier is only thing left after the mill was demolished be the National Park.


Railroad Sidings

After the railroad spur crosses the bridge it devides into different sidings for different loading areas of the mill. Many tracks are scattered behind the mill fence in the back.


More bridge pictures in the Railroad Spur section.


This is all that is left after the mill was demolished in the spring of 2006.


More to Come

I have hundreds of pictures to share as well as an interactive images map that will be coming soon.

Company Town

The Jaite Company Town currently serves as offices for the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

The town is located at the intersection of Riverview and Vaughn Roads. The buildings were constructed between the years 1907 and 1917.

They were built to serve as housing and support facilities for the mill employees, which numbered some 250 at the peak of production in the 1930’s.

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  1. Joe L.

    I grew up on Riverview rd nearby and had run of the valley from jaite to where the 82 high bridge sits. My father worked in the mill for a short time while finishing his degree. Knew other people there too. That mill kept the river dead of fish downstream and according to my grandfather wiped out the fish after a release of something pretty early after it opened. I learned to hop trains there but by the early 70’s there weren’t many of those coming through any more. The government forced our families to sell for the park and we were scattered forever after. The only thing left is the barn at the top of the hill on Riverview rd. and both houses long gone. Thanks for the memories of that place.

  2. Joe L.

    Lots of memories. I too grew up nearby on Riverview rd. The Park bought out our families land for the park. That plant kept the river essentially dead of life below for quite a ways. Could smell the river a half mile away. The B&O used to run a local on weekdays and they would stop and switch the plant and move on. I used to hop trains to get around as they never went very fast due to poor rail conditions. It was a great place to grow up. The only thing left of our familys property now is the barn ( off riverview at the top of the hill). Thanks for posting these pictures.

  3. John

    I went to the area recently. I was a truck driver and took scrap paper bundles there back in late 70s early 80s . where was the road going back there? Thought it was by brandywine .not sure now .Too bad it burned ,a lot of history lost.

    • It is Highland Road that turns into Vaughn Road. You turned off Brandywine onto Highland, then down the long hill into the Cuyahoga River Valley. I grew up on Highland Road (1972-89).

  4. Nick

    I grew up about a mile up the hill from the paper mill. Me and my brother played in there and explored it inside and out. I have a VHS video we made down there back in 1990 growing up with the valley pre recreation area was great. Abandoned houses and cars and the mill to explore.

  5. Jaite was a very interesting location. I wish I had done a little more exploring there before they demolished it. You can use my photos for this site if you wish:

    I also have more that are not on flickr

  6. Hope

    Wow I really liked your photos. My great grandfather was Charles Jaite, so seeing your picture was amazing.

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