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Ohio & Erie Canal

Lock 34 – Red Lock

This canal lock acquired it’s name from it’s red lock gates and the abundance of red clay that was found along the canal in this area.

Is Red Lock Haunted?

Many workers died of malaria when building the canal and it’s possible that they haven’t left yet.

The spirits seem to focus around this small cement bridge. It could have been built over a mass grave for workers, maybe too poor for a Christian burial.

While I were there we got some weird whitish spots in some of my pictures. Using the orb chart we found that the color white means protection.  Could the ghosts be protection there grave?!?!

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  1. Jim Choma

    There’s also the story that Red Lock got its name from a hotel proprietor named “Red” Morrison. Like many of the other locks, a hotel was reputably located near this lock. But I’ve also heard of there being red lock doors as well as red clay. But the Red Morrison story is the one that I’ve heard most repeated concerning Red Lock.

    By the way, EXCELLENT work on all of this Andrew!

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