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Stanford Road (Highway to Hell)

To legally access the road, you need to park at the Brandywine Falls parking lot and hike down the road from there.  If you go from the bottom, you can’t park there, you can only get there by hiking.

I didn’t need this sign to tell us that this was some rough road.

After walking a little farther, I found an old guardrail.

After that the road starts to get washed out, which is one of the reasons the road is closed.

Now the road starts going down hill a little.

Now the road gets really steep.

As we reach the end of the closed section it starts getting flat.

This section or the road doesn’t look too bad.

Now we arrive at the other end of the road. You might remember this if you visited the Helltown page.

Well that’s it for now! If you want to take a walk down the “Highway to Hell” you are welcome to but just look out for the “Cult Members” and “Killers” in the woods! You can read more about Stanford Road and Helltown here on the Helltown page.

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  1. Nick

    If anyone reading this used to get chased by people in cars and basically outright harassed when you drove through here. It was me and my friends ! Yes we hit a car and pushed it through a garage where Stanford ends by the gas station.

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