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Blue Hen Falls

Hidden places are not only prime places for murder to take place, but also for the spirits that come from such horrifying experiences.

This small peaceful place is just one example.

About 20 years ago, a young adolescent girl was found strangled here. The the caution tape and police have left, but her spirit is said to be found roaming these woods near the falls.

Many people believe the strange blue orbs captured during daytime hours along the creek are her wandering spirit.

I have never seen any orbs in pictures of the falls, but if you have one please send it to me!

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  1. Holy crap she is, and there’s also several orbs in that third picture

  2. Lorie

    I used to go there all the time and play my guitar before it opened as a park. Found it chasing my dogs that ran after a herd of deer. Got tons of pics—none with orbs. Love that place tho..still go there after many years. It is located on Boston Mills Road, I believe, and it runs between Columbia Road and Riverview Road. There is a National Guard building across the street.

  3. Tammie

    She is in the third photo to the left

  4. genie

    where is this place

  5. Joshua

    you guys really think this is true ive lived in boston my whole entire life and im 22 years old and my dad was on the fire department at that time and never had any calls like this. if you would like to know any thing else about boston aka helltown email me at

  6. Dan

    I like these shots. I have a couple shots no orbs that I remember maybe some lense flare if anything

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