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Cedar Point Ballroom

The haunted ballroom at Cedar Point is located above the arcade on the main midway. The ballroom is only used occasionally by the park. Spectral music is often heard there, and ghostly dancers are seen.

During our trip, there we did not see anything out of the ordinary, but we did get some good pictures.

Here is the ballroom for the midway.  If you have been to Cedar Point you may have been to the arcade below.

The Inside

The building was built in 1906 as the Coliseum and it featured an enormous ballroom on the top level. When you walk into the ballroom you’ll feel like you’re in the middle of the golden age of ballroom dancing and Big Bands.

In the 1930s, the ballroom saved Cedar Point from folding (as many parks did during this era) during the Great Depression with nightly performances by Big Bands such as Woody Herman, Guy Lombardo, Benny Goodman and Blue Barron.

Today, it stands with a quiet grace and splendor as one of only a few remaining amusement park ballrooms.

This is a picture taken from the Cedar Point website of the decorated ballroom.

If you have any stories to tell of a personal experience at the ballroom feel free to send me an e-mail!

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  1. George

    I have great memories of Saturday evenings in the Cedar Point Ballroom. I grew up in Elmore. If such performances were again scheduled there, I would fly back from the Pacific Northwest to attend, especially the Big Bands. I also saw Louis Armstrong and The Four Freshmen in that enchanting atmosphere.

  2. Russ Kogler Jr

    Cedar Point rejects any paranoromal investigations. …..Why? When there is so much history, 145 years of it. Can you imagine on how many entities remain there? I still can not believe I was turned down. Of course the gentleman that I was talking to was a huge big time skeptic. He almost hung up the phone on me. Until I had told him off by saying. “Sir there have been many claims over the years why turn down this golden opertunity? It will help Cedar Point. Not hurt it!” He then says in an angry type of tone “We don’t want it! No thank you!” And that was that so until they change their mind I will not be going to Cedar Point.

    . So if you want too forget it! Because they will reject you too!!! But please feel free to post your comments about your haunting experience at the park on our facebook page at: Russ Kogler Jr.
    Or please leave an E-mail at:

    If you know this place is haunted then please help us to fight and proove them wrong. By leaving us a message you a helping because the more comments you send, we will all win

    Thank You!!!

  3. Valerie

    Girl Scout Day at Cedar Point is June 15, 2011. I went into this website to see about the ballroom since we are supposed to meet there on that day! It is really beautiful!

  4. SmokeFromKnob

    Some of my favorite memories are the evenings spent in the dance hall between ’59 & ’64. Suit & tie with a date that liked to dance. A warm Summer evening spent dancing the night away. I drove 45-50 miles one way to see the big bands: McKinley, Covington, Kenton (2), Elgart (3), Al Hirt (took my parents on their anniversary, dad went backstage during Al’s break and got his autograph). Somehow when I got back home on those evenings and emptied my pockets, I still had money left.

    Good time, good music, and good economy. Really miss those evenings.

  5. Jean

    Thank you for posting these pictures. My grandfather, Leo Kathe, designed the Cedar Point Ballroom as well as the Gardens at Cedar Point. I am grateful for your posting these pictures.

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