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Hi guys! My name is Andrew and I am the author of Ohio Forgotten.

I started this website in the spring of 2008 after discovering a website about the Moonville Ghost. I read through the page and thought it was awesome that there was a place like this in my state of Ohio. At the bottom, there was a link to Forgotten Ohio and that is where I discovered the page on Chippewa Lake Park. It was amazing how a place of fun and joy could just as easily be forgotten and overgrown by nature. I have always loved amusement parks and now I wanted to explore some of these intriguing abandoned locations around my state.

I grew up in Akron and my parents loved to go hiking in the Cuyahoga Valley when I was a kid. I discovered the website Haunted Cuyahoga and could not wait to revisit some of the haunted sites that I had visited for recreation when I was little. Indigo Lake was the first haunted location I visited and then shortly after the infamous Helltown.

In 2009, I finally had the opportunity to visit Chippewa Lake Park before they demolished it to become a resort. Thank god for how bad the economy was back then because luckily the land still sits vacant to this day.

A good portion of this website was written when I was in high school and it shows. Please bear with my while I update the content.

If you have something to share or had a question, visit my contact page.

Question and Answers

Is this trespassing?

Some places it is, but most of the places on my site are on public property or in parks. But if I must trespass, then I tread lightly and leave no signs of my visit behind other than the pictures. These places have been left to rot away, so a quick walk though seems harmless.

How did you get started?

Like I saidĀ above, my family and I always went on hikes in the Cuyahoga Valley and that’s why a lot of the places featured on here are from the National Park. Like most kids, I enjoyed reading ghost stories for fun. When I stumbled across the page for the Moonville Ghost I got hooked on real ghost hauntings. Forgotten Ohio features a lot of great content on both abandonments and hauntings that sparked my interest to explore the locations in Northeast Ohio.

Do you make any money from the site?

I make enough per month from ads to buy a cup of coffee. If you love the site and want to help pay from some of the hosting costs, click here.

Can I use some of your pictures?

Sure, but don’t make them look like pictures that you took. Email me to let me know what site you’re using them on and give credit please. Also, please do NOT “hotlink” to my pictures! Save them to your computer and upload them to your own hosting.

What is your favorite place?

Chippewa Lake Park will always be my favorite place that I’ve explored. I have been going to amusement parks since I was little and it’s sad to see one rotting away and forgotten about.

What camera do you use?

The pictures on this site have been taken with a Kodak (hey remember them) C533, Kodak Z1485 IS, Nikon Coolpix, iPhone 5s and iPhone 7.

How do you find these places?

I find them by keeping my eyes open, from getting tips from the nice people who visit my site. I also, I check out the inter-webs and find places that other sites have visited. Drop me a line if you know of something cool that I should go to check out.

Updated June 22, 2017