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Tinker’s Creek Cemetery

Tinker’s Creek Cemetery, also know as Old Indian Cemetery, Terra Vista Cemetery, Hillside Cemetery, and Pilgerruh Cemetery, is the burial ground of early settlers of Tinker’s Creek. It is also said the Ottawa Indians are buried there, most likely because of the name Old Indian Cemetery that it has historically been referred too.

Located on top of a BIG hill, this abandoned graveyard is widely reported to be haunted.

In this cemetery, accounts of an evil dark shadow figures, ghostly phenomenon, and even cult activity.

The above broken tombstone marks the grave of a Comstock family pioneer. Sources say that he was one of the first white burials in this cemetery. He died in 1810 at the age of 40. The bottom of the tombstone reads:

Adieu, to all things here below,
Vain world, I leave thy fleeting toys.
Adieu to sin, fear, pain and woe,
And welcome bright eternal joys.

When early settlers needed to burry the dead, they didn’t have the benefit of an undertaker. Instead, a log was cut and split and then was hollowed out, and the body placed inside. After that, it was put together and sealed with wooden pins.

In the 1800’s it was common that many pioneer family members died young. This maybe the cause why people report hearing the faint laughter and giggles of children at this cemetery.

That about wraps it up, be sure to check out the links below, including Haunted Cuyahoga because of his great night pictures.

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  1. Jasin

    I was fishing at the pond on top of the hill the sun was starting to set as I was walking back. I saw 6 people in all black with torches. In the cemetery I got the hell out of there never been back since

    • Jason

      I was there about 10 year ago the same thing happen to me I park down the hill thought there was going to be cars down there was no cars it was very scary I didn’t have any weapons

    • Gregory White

      What a joke don’t be afraid it’s just the same stupid people that vandalize that place.

  2. i have been a visitor to the cemetary over the is a beutiful&calm place.
    what is sad however,is the senseless detruction of the the site over the past 25 years or so as this site had been unmolested for so many years.
    a sad commentary on human decency.

  3. genie

    where is this place?

  4. Eldergothfather

    Absolutely nothing here that is untoward. It was a bright sunny semi-warm day yesterday and had no one iota of disturbance. I believe that these things are felt by people who have an innate fear of cemeteries, etc. or have some ill intent in their hearts. I believe that spirits that could exist here know when someone is there in reverence and willing to reflect on the beauty. And this is not the only haunted place wherein I have not felt any type of disturbance, from Mansfield, to Lakeview, Monroe Street, Erie, Riverview, Franklin Castle, Squires Castle, Trinity Church in NYC, Top-O-The-World, the Alamo, the train tracks in San Antonio, TX…all in all, there is nothing to fear. I have spent such a considerable time in cemeteries I find them a comfort indeed. The pictures I took offer the beauty of the place wherein the dead are remembered by only a few. Cemeteries were our first parks where locals chose to picnic. In fact, there is more to fear from the living then the residents of these calming locations.

  5. Jennifer

    I have been to visit Terra Vista since I was 8 yrs. old. I have been up there at night. There’s is nothing ‘haunted’ about this cemetary. The local kids get drunk, go up there, and destroy the history left behind by the settlers. It’s a beautiful place to visit and meditate.

    • Gregory White

      Yep sucks for us. I moved here about 10 years ago and as much of a hard walk as it is for me to get there I love going there to fish and check it out. I go to church near there too, beautiful area.

  6. Mynameistooweird

    I’ve been there twice. Each time I’ve gone, when walking through the “field” areas, we’ve come across weird cold spots that we couldn’t explain. It was a very warm day each time, no wind was blowing, and we would come across cold spots that seemed to move or just disappear. The last time I went, the only cold spots we came across was when I remarked about something about my butt. I think the spirits liked the comment because just as soon as I said it we started coming across a few cold spots. The cemetary is always very beautiful and peaceful in the springtime, although you feel sad seeing the markers down and broken.

  7. Dave L

    Stumbled on this graveyard years ago in the late 70s, took photos of several stones but also found that a grave had been recently dug up, so stories of cult activity or grave robbing are probably true.

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