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Deep Lock Quarry

This quarry was a major source of Berea sandstone in the northeast. Sandstone has been excavated here since the 1830’s. The sandstone was used to build and repair locks along the Ohio and Erie Canal. They were used during the construction of various buildings and houses as well.

A view from the top of the quarry.

A short track ran through the woods surrounding the quarry. Flatcars were loaded with sandstone blocks and millstones, then transported down to the Ohio & Erie Canal for shipment.

The Cleveland Stone Company eventually purchased the quarry. They faced little competition and basically held a sandstone monopoly in Ohio. This particular quarry was known as Quarry #15. Sandstone was excavated here one last time in the 1930s. The stones were used during the construction of the local metro parks.

In 1879, Ferdinard Schumacher bought part of the quarry to make millstones for his American Cereal Works Company in Akron. Schumacher was known as the Oatmeal King. In the 1860’s, Schumacher introduced oatmeal to the United States by supplying the Union Troops during the Civil War. Schumacher’s company eventually became part of the Quaker Oats Company.

Schumacher’s Millstone Plant

Walking off the main hiking trail you come across the ruins of the Schumacher Millstone Plant.

You can find an old millstone on the path up there.

After walking a few yards you find poles sticking out of the ground.

Some old foundations sticking out of the ground.

When I was poking around on the ground I found some old bricks.

And last but not least a few random items for your enjoyment. They look like foundations and poles.

I really don’t know much about the Mill Stone Plant, so if you know something that I don’t please E-Mail Me.

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