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Fitzwater Truss Bridge

Fitzwater Road extends from Canal Road and ends at the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad maintenance yard. Along this road in the Fitzwater Truss Bridge, it was constructed in 1922 and it approximately 200 feet long and 28 feet wide.

The National Park has closed of the bridge while they try to remove of renovate the bridge. Plans have been mad to re-route the road so it lines up with a four way intersection at Canal Road. (see below)

That’s about all. The bridge isn’t 100% abandoned, but close to abandoned. The plans are set to happen this spring, 2009, so the bridge might not be around much longer.

Below is a picture taken in 2004, borrowed fromĀ Cleveland Memory.

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  1. Jack

    Bridge was replaced two years ago with a new one

  2. Lisa

    Do you know of ANY old areas that are easy access and you don’t have to worry about getting arrested? I was at Chippewa Park today but to many around to even get a glimse! I want to do some metal detecting in an old spot but have no clue where? Thanks

  3. Ed S.

    Is the bridge still there or was it demolished ? I would like to take a drive to see it because I live in the Cleveland area and it is not a long drive from me.

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