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Ohio & Erie Canal

Lock 29 – Peninsula Mills Lock

An aqueduct carried the Ohio & Erie Canal over the Cuyahoga River at this location.

The canal boats would enter into this lock before passing through the aqueduct, heading south

Although the aqueduct is long gone, the sandstone foundation can still be seen.

In 1832, a gristmill was built near the aqueduct and lock. A dam was constructed across the Cuyahoga River to help channel the water towards the mill, where it was used to turn the waterwheel. The canal provided an easy mode of transportation for the goods, which helped the mill prosper.

Charles Thomas and Chandler Moody purchased the mill in 1885. In 1902, they torn down the old mill and built a much larger mill. They called it the Peninsula Mills, a.k.a. the Moody & Thomas Mill. Unfortunately, the mill burned down on December 26, 1931. Today, the only thing left is the sandstone foundation.

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  1. Dave Grocott

    As a youth growing up in Peninsula during the late 60’s and early 70’s I seem to remember what appeared to be the remains of a grist mill foundation just north of where the Rte 303 bridge crossed the Cuyahoga river in downtown Peninsula. It consisted of a dam with a spillway for a long missing millwheel. Was that the remains of the Moody & Thomas Mill shown in the photographs?

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