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Everett Road Covered Bridge

This covered bridge is a replica of the old bridge that was built in the 1870s. A series of floods leveled the original, but this bridge wasn’t always such a peaceful place.

As the story goes:

On the night of February 1, 1877, John Gilson and his wife tried crossing the creek approximately a mile north of this location. The horses bolted, tossing the wife out of the wagon, and charged into the bone-chilling creek, now swollen by rain. Mrs. Gilson was rescued, but her husband and the horses perished. John’s body was finally found 4 days later. There have been several accounts of possibly the restless souls still roaming, only this time, taking the safer route – the bridge.

Maybe if you’re passing the bridge late one night, you too will hear John in his wagon crossing the bridge, trying to make his way home one final time.

There is one more possibility to this story because immediately to the right of the bridge is what used to be Chamberlain (Everett) Cemetery. This was a private cemetery owned by the Chamberlain family. Several years ago, the cemetery was abandoned and only a few of the bodies were removed. Now, all of the headstones have disappeared and over a dozen graves still remain.

The spirits of the remaining dead may have become upset and roam the area surrounding the cemetery and bridge adjacent to it.

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