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Goldsmith House

A Painesville master builder, Jonathan Goldsmith, built this house in Willoughby in 1831. He then lived there with his wife, Abigail, and their 10 children.

After Jonathan passed away, Abigail was determined to keep her home, so she turned the homestead into a boarding house and was then able to live comfortably off the rented rooms.

In 1887, Abigail was 100 years old and she passed away quietly in her home.

In 1973, the house was moved to Hale Farm.

Today, visitors have reported feeling the presence of Abigail Goldsmith. Her presence has been known to be a very welcoming, opening her doors for the weary traveler.

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  1. Robert

    From what my parents told me, I lived in that house when I was a child. My parents were the ones who apparently helped with renting rooms and upkeep. I dont have all the details.

  2. evelyn cockrell

    i went to the goldsmith on june15 we were leaving the man that was giving the tour said something about the house being haunted. i felt like something was near us the whole time i was going to say something to my boyfriend about it when we got out of the house. he told me i should of said something to the man. but i didnt want to sound crazy.

  3. Clara

    This information is incorrect. The house was built by Jonathan Goldsmith, but he never lived there. Instead it was built for a family by the name of Robinson. Mrs. Robinson did in fact open the house as a boarding home after her husband died soon after the house was built, and the Robinsons only had four children.
    I have personally spent many, many hours in the Goldsmith house and at night, it is one of the most terrifying places I have ever been in. Last week a few creepy things happened: I dropped one of my shoes in the house, and this week I went looking for it and found it sitting on a wooden bedframe in the corner of the basement. And when I was upstairs sitting by the fire in the parlor with one of my coworkers, we both distinctly heard giggling and a woman’s voice. I am not superstitious, and I’ve never really believed in ghosts, but just being the house gives me chills. I’m definitely not the only one who has felt this way either. Most employees at Hale Farm are totally creeped out by Goldsmith.
    Last year I was told by a coworker that the Goldsmith House was previously a brothel, in the 1910s. Since I have been frightened that the ghosts of prostitutes still linger in the house.
    As I was doing some research today, I also came across an article which quoted a Hale employee…saying that she once saw an impression on the bed in the master bedroom as if someone was laying there, and as she came closer, the imprint lifted as though the person had gotten up. The master bedroom scares me because of this giant white canopy enclosing the bed. Who knows what could lurk under it.

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