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Kings Island’s Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is haunted by a ghost named Johnny. He is often referred to as Tower Johnny and unexplained occurrences around the park are sometimes attributed to him.

Johnny was a high school senior who fell to his death on Grad Night. The date of this was May 13, 1983, which was of course FRIDAY THE 13! The day really is cursed!

Well, he climbed the fencing around the elevator shaft, on the 50-foot platform.

Legend says that he was cut in half by the cables, and that the cables are located in a pile behind the Beast. But, the cables are really suspension cables used on the double helix at the end of the coaster.

Used under a Creative Commons License from scott69 on Flickr

Look at the upper right of the picture, notice the cables on the helix.

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  1. Rob Martin

    There is alot wrong with this, I was there that night on my grad night in 1984 when he fell to his death and I was a eye witness, he climbed the cage part on the observation deck and fell and hit a beam on the expansion on the way down and it decapitated him.

  2. Terry Quadnau Jr.

    I used to work at Kings Island. Been there countless times. There is no way he could have fallen from the Eiffel Tower and in any way get near The Beast. This makes no sense whatsoever.

  3. Leilani

    I was there the guy fell to his death into the elevator pull up and cut sliced into dices

  4. Sharon

    I used to work with the young man’s aunt. He was not pushed. He climbed and was decapitated.

  5. If he is haunting the place, he could of been pushed, who knows, sad for the family though.

  6. BS

    According to the May 16, 1983 edition of The Bryan Times, Harter died on Friday, May 13.
    You can find the article here:

  7. Greg Adkins

    WOW I was there the day that guy died.

  8. Amanda

    I’m sorry but your wrong as well the boy was John Harter, 17, was killed after falling down the elevator shaft. He was not cut up or any such thing. You can view the news paper clips on google news.

    • maria


  9. RD

    The timeline on this accident isn’t right. I was at Grad Night in 1982 when this happened. The fire department brought in fire trucks to hose down the tower and area because of all the blood. The area was gruesome with blood and body parts being collected by the firemen in a body bag. The Michael Stanley Band was the entertainment that night.

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