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New Locks, Lost and Found

A few weeks ago, I went to downtown Akron to take some new pictures of the Cascade Locks.

Ohio & Erie Canal - Lock 14 (Cascade Mills Lock)

Ohio & Erie Canal - Lock 13 (Cascade Mills Lock)

Ohio & Erie Canal - Lock 12 (Aetna Mills Lock)

I actually went down into the canal to get a few pictures that are hard to get from the trail.

Ohio & Erie Canal - Cascade Locks

Like Lock 11 which is hard to get a good picture of because of the bridge they built.

Ohio & Erie Canal - Lock 11 (Aetna Mills Lock)

Next, it was on to the newly uncovered Lock 5 which was once under the parking deck of The Civic Theater.

Ohio & Erie Canal - Lock 5 (Stone Mill Lock)

While I was down there, which is now officially open to the public, I found this…

Ohio & Erie Canal - Lock 5 (Stone Mill Lock)

…this is a mark left behind by Jeffrey Maximovich, a canal historian with his own, very detailed, website guide to the Ohio & Erie Canal.

Ohio & Erie Canal - Lock 5 (Stone Mill Lock)

Above is a picture of him at lost Lock 5 a few years back when it was still underground.

Ohio & Erie Canal - Lock 5 (Stone Mill Lock)

This new Lock 5 area (called Lock 4 by the city) is a nice extension of Lock 3 park.  You should go check it out because I now hear that it’s open to the public unlike when I went and had to sneak down.

Andrew Borgen

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